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ASOR Staff Directory

  • Britta Abeln, B.A. (Assistant to the Director): 857-990-3139;
  • Aviva Cormier, M.A. (Publications Assistant and Membership Specialist):
  • Allison Cuneo, M.A. (Manager for Iraqi ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives)
  • Michael Danti, Ph.D. (Academic Director, ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives):
  • Marina Gabriel, M.A. (Project Manager, ASOR CHI):
  • Jared Koller, M.A. (Manager for ASOR CHI Data Management and ASOR Website Development):
  • Inda Omerefendic, B.A. (Director of Membership & Publications):
  • Selma Omerefendic, M.S.A.S. (Assistant Director):
  • Susan Penacho, Ph.D. (Project Manager, ASOR CHI Geospatial Initiatives):
  • Arlene Press, B.A. (Meetings Manager):; 857-272-2506
  • Will Raynolds, MSc. (Project Manager for Cultural Heritage Projects):
  • Cynthia Rufo, M.S., M.A. (Archivist and Website Manager): 857-990-3139;
  • Andrew G. Vaughn, Ph.D. (Executive Director): 857-990-3139;