Currently, 75 projects are affiliated with ASOR. This includes 45 field projects and 30 publication projects.

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Cyprus (5 field projects, 4 publications)
Iraq (1 field project)
Israel (15 field projects, 13 publications)
Jordan (22 field projects, 10 publications)
Turkey (2 field projects)
West Bank (3 publications)

Location P.I. / Director(s)
CYPRUS (5 Field Projects, 4 Publications)
Agrarian Life and Landscape at Politiko-Troullia – field S. Falconer and P. Fall, UNC Charlotte
Arediou Vouppes:  A Bronze Age Farming Community on Cyprus – field L. Steel, University of Wales Lampeter
Early Bronze Excavations at Sotira-Kaminoudhia – publication S. Swiny, SUNY Albany
The Early Neolithic of Cyprus—the Ais Giorkis Project – field A. Simmons, UNLV
Excavations at Kourion’s Amathus Gate Cemetery – publication Michael Given, University of Glasgow
Lycoming College Expedition to Idalion – field P. Gaber, Lycoming College
The Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project – publication R. Moore, W. Caraher, and D. Pettegrew, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Kalavasos and Maroni Built Environments Project (KAMBE). – field Kevin D. Fisher and Sturt W. Manning, University of British Columbia and Cornell University
Troodos Archaeological and Environmental Survey Project – publication M. Given, V. Kassianidou, A. B. Knapp, J. Noller, University of Glasgow
IRAQ (1 Field)
The Rowanduz Archaeological Program – field Michael D. Danti
ISRAEL (15 Field Projects, 13 Publications)
Aegean Interactions with the Levant at Tel Kabri – field E. Cline, George Washington University and A. Yasur-Landau, Tel Aviv University
Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Qana: Field V, The Veneration Complex. – field Tom McCollough, Centre College
Borders and Crossroads: Arameans, Phoenicians, and Israelites – field Robert A. Mullins, Azusa Pacific University and Nava Panitz-Cohen, Hebrew University
Excavations at Shikhin – field James Riley Strange, David Fiensy, and Mordechai Aviam
Excavations at Tel Kedesh of the Upper Galilee – field S. Herbert and A. Berlin, University of Michigan
The Fourth Expedition to Lachish – field Yosef Garfinkel, Michael G. Hasel, and Martin G. Klingbeil
The Galilee Prehistory Project – field Yorke M. Rowan, Oriental Institute, University of Chicago and Morag Kersel, DePaul University
The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project Excavations – field A. A. Burke, UCLA and M. Peilstöcker, IAA
Jezreel Expedition – field Jennie Ebeling and Norma Franklin
Joint Archaeological Expedition to Tell el-Hesi – publication J. A. Blakely, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Tell el-Hesi Board
The Joint Expedition to Caesarea Maritima – publication Vivian Bull.
Joint Sepphoris Project (JSP) and Sepphoris Regional Project (SRP) – publication E. Meyers, C. Meyers, and B. Gordon, Duke University
Lahav Research Project, Phases I-II – publication J. D. Seger, Mississippi State University
Lahav Research Project, Phase III – publication P. Jacobs, Mississippi State University
Lahav Research Project, Phase IV – field O. Borowski, Emory University
The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon – field and publication Daniel M. Master and Lawrence E. Stager
Neo-Assyrian Empire in the 7th century – publication S. Gitin, Albright Institute and CAORC
Omrit Settlement Excavation Project (OSEP). – field Jennifer Gates-Foster, Michael Nelson, Benjamin Rubin, Daniel Schowalter and Jason Schlude, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Queens College and St. John’s University
The Promontory Palace Excavations – publication K. L. Gleason, Cornell University
Shikhin Excavations – field James Riley Strange, Samford University
Tel Gezer Excavation and Publication Project – field S. M. Ortiz, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and S. Wolff, Israel Antiquities Authority
Tel Kedesh Excavations – publication S. Herbert and Andrea Berlin
Tel Miqne-Ekron Publications- publication S. Gitin, Albright Institute and T. Dothan, Hebrew University
Tell ‘Ein Zippori (part of SRP) – publication J.P. Dessel, Carol Meyers, and Eric Meyers
Tell el-Hesi Regional Survey – publication J. A. Blakely University of Wisconsin-Madison, and J. W. Hardin, Mississippi State University
Tell el-Wawiyat Excavation Project – publication B. Nakhai, University of Arizona and J. P. Dessel, University of Tennessee
Yotvata Roman Fort Project – publication Jodi Magness, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill and Gwyn Davies, Florida International University
The Zeitah Excavations – field R. E. Tappy, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
JORDAN (22 Field Projects, 10 Publications)
‘Ayn Gharandal Archaeological Project – field Robert Darby and Erin Darby, University of Tennessee
The Ad-Deir Monument and Plateau Project – field Cynthia Finlayson
Archaeological Expedition to Khirbet Iskander, Jordan and its Environs – field S. Richard, Gannon University, and J. C. Long, Lubbock Christian University
Azraq Marshes Archaeological and Paleoecological Project – field April Nowell
Bir Madhkur Project – field A. M. Smith II, George Washington University
Busayra Cultural Heritage Project (BCHP) – field Benjamin W. Porter and Stephanie H. Brown
Dhiban Excavation and Development Project – field B. W. Porter, UC Berkeley, and D. S. Fatkin, Knox College
Druze Marsh Paleolithic Project – field April Nowell, University of Victoria
Eastern Badia Archaeological Research Project – field Gary O. Rollefson, Whitman College and Yorke M. Rowan, University of Chicago
Edom Lowlands Regional Archaeological Project – field Thomas E. Levy, UCSD and Mohammad Najjar
Excavations at Tell er-Rumayth – publication N. Lapp, ASOR
From Farms to Factories: Anthropogenic Pollution in Heavy Metals as an Indicator of Industrialized Production of Copper in Ancient Western Asia, Phase 2 – field Russell Adams, University of Waterloo
Hellenistic Petra Project – field David Graf, University of Miami
Hesban Final Publication Series – publication O. S. LaBianca, Andrews University, and L. T. Geraty, La Sierra University
Humayma Excavation Project – publication J. P. Oleson, University of Victoria
Humayma Excavation Project – field M. Barbara Reeves, Queen’s University
Karak Resources Project (KRP)- field G. L. Mattingly, Johnson University and J. H. Pace, Elon University
Landscapes of the Dead: Aerial and Pedestrian Site Monitoring at Fifa, Jordan – field Morag M. Kersel
Madaba Plains Project – ‘Umayri – field Douglas R. Clark, La Sierra University
Madaba Plains Project – Tall Hisban Phase II – field O. S. LaBianca, Andrews University and B. Walker, Missouri State University
Madaba Plains Project – ‘Umayri – publication L. Herr and D. R. Clark, La Sierra University with a consortium
Madaba Plains Project – Jalul – field R. W. Younker, Andrews University, Paul Z. Gregor, Andrews University, and Constance Gane
Madaba Plains Project – ‘Umayri – field Douglas R. Clark
Madaba Plains Project – ‘Umayri Phase I Publication Project – publication Larry G. Herr and Douglas R. Clark
MPP Tall Hisban, Phase II – field Oystein S. LaBianca and Bethany J. Walker
P.W. Lapp’s Excavations at Araq el-Emir – publication N. Lapp, ASOR
Petra Garden & Pool Complex Excavation – field L.A. Bedal, Pennsylvania State Erie/The Behrend College
Petra North Ridge Project – publication Megan A. Perry and S.T. Parker, North Carolina State University
Publication of the Excavations at Tell er-Rummeith – publication Nancy Lapp
Reassessment of the Excavations at Tell Safut – publication Owen Chesnut, Andrews University
Roman Aqaba Project – publication S. T. Parker, North Carolina State University
The Shammakh to Ayl Archaeological Survey, Southern Jordan – field Burton MacDonald, St. Francis Xavier University
Tell Madaba Archaeological Project – publication Debra Foran and Timothy P. Harrison
Umm al-Jimal Project – publication B. de Vries, Calvin College
Wadi ‘Arabah Earthquake Project – field T. M. Niemi, University of Missouri, Kansas City
Wadi ath-Thamad Project – publication P.M. Michèle Daviau, Wilfrid Laurier University
TURKEY (2 Field Projects)
The Kınık Höyük Excavation and Wall Stabilization Project. – field Lorenzo D’Alfonso, New York University
Tayinat Archaeological Project – field T. P. Harrison, University of Toronto
WEST BANK (3 Publications )
The Excavation of Tell er Ras – publication Vivian Bull
Joint Expedition to Tell Balatah/Shechem – publication E. Campbell, Archaeological Expedition
Ta’anach Excavations – publication N. Lapp, ASOR/Concordia Seminary, St. Louis and Hamed Salem, Birzeit University

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